Photoshop is such a great program and I use it a lot I am by no means an expert with using the program . I have learnt a few things such as once you find something that works for you in most cases you can automate the process not only does this make life easy for you but you the same results each time. One of the easiest ways to automate is create an action if you roll over each of the photographs that are on this page they will show you the result of a few actions that I have created. If you like these actions they are freely available to take and use I do have a donate link on this page if you feel that you can donate a couple of dollars it would help me out a great deal in helping me work on a few more actions.
here is the donation link

All the Actions can be downloaded from here

Click here for Sharpening Actions in Zip format

Modern Style Frame Wooden Style Frame
Create a Pencil Style Sketch Sharpen and Enhance old Photographs